10 Ethical Considerations when Blogging

10 Ethical Considerations when Blogging
July 23, 2015 1 Comment Get Real nichemom

Why Should I factor in Ethical Considerations when Blogging?

Hopefully I don’t have to tell you why holding to your ethics is a better idea than following the money trail.  Doing anything that bucks the system gets you noticed faster than following the rules, but that is not a smart business strategy.  Below is 10 ethical considerations when blogging, that you should consider for more reasons than are listed.  Please feel free to post a few more in the comments, as I know 10 reasons only scratch the surface of why you need to have ethics in your blog/website business.

Ethics and Blogs

10 Ethical Considerations

  1. Freedom of speech is a right, but it is your ethics that make sure your words are respectful and non-offensive.  Sure you will get allot of traffic and feedback if you choose the non-ethical route, but it will be short lived and can cause harm to you and your family in the long run.
  2. Be truthful, not hurtful.  There is a big difference between telling the truth to a trusted friend and putting your opinion of the truth in print, if it is hurtful to a person or group.
  3. Keep quotes in Context.  If you are going to quote or paraphrasing a statement, ensure that the intended meaning left intact.  It is easy to lose the true intend of a speech, by pulling out a few words.
  4. State that it is your opinion. Please never present your opinion or view on a subject as fact.
  5. Be critical of yourself, don’t click publish until you are ok with it being it print forever.  Words can become your identity, even if 99% of all other publish works are ethical.
  6. Protect others from negative slander, but defining or not adding to controversy.
  7. State your affiliation.  Bias, real or perceived, immediately discredits your creditability on any subject.
  8. Double check your source.  If you are stating facts, please ensure they are not bias or false, verify facts, from more than 1 source if possible.
  9. Give credit.  Ensure that you state who wrote what if the words or pictures are not yours.  Some content needs permission, so get it, or don’t use it.
  10. Stay True to your Morals.  We all have a different set of morals, so stick to yours.  If it doesn’t feel good to blog about a subject, don’t.



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