Easy Website or Business Management for Busy Moms

Easy Website or Business Management for Busy Moms
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Simplified Project Management for Busy People

“Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.” – Woody Allen

Busy Managers Can’t Afford to Waste Time

A project manager has a lot to do. According to the PMBOK Guide1 there are 21 defined processes that must be done in the planning stage.

In other words, those are things that take place before the actual management of the project even begins.

It’s no wonder you’re busy!

But planning is only one part of the equation. You have to execute, monitor, and control the project. Ultimately, you’re responsible for its successful conclusion.


Okay, Let’s Cut to the Chase

If you are a project manager, it already takes enough time keeping track of everything you already have to do. You certainly don’t have time to learn a new, complex project management program.

That’s why we made the project management features of SmartDraw so intuitive.

Investing three minutes reading this information could save you hours of learning more complicated project management software.

Project Charts – Simple to Create, Powerful to Use

Managing projects is difficult enough without having to fight a complicated software interface or waiting for technology to catch up with you. Because we rebuilt how project charts work from the ground up, SmartDraw works at the speed you think! Even projects with thousands of tasks or ones that span years are a breeze to work with.

With SmartDraw, project charts can always fit on a single page, conform to Visual Grammar (which makes the information simple for anyone to understand), and are easy to manage thanks to zoom and scrolling controls.

With SmartDraw, you get an intuitive, floating toolbar to control the level of detail you want to see by selecting the appropriate timeframe. Then, also using the floating toolbar, you can scroll through the timeframe displayed.

Assignment Views and Task Assignment Features

The Assignment view lets you see who is doing what at a glance. You’ll be able to see the progress for each task with simple color coding to indicate the status of each person’s tasks.

This feature provides built-in accountability that you can use when checking the status of your project or even during a project status meeting. Each task will have the appropriate icon that provides an easy visual cue to whether a project is on time, running behind, late or complete.

Plus, SmartDraw remembers your team members, which makes managing your projects much more simple. Once you enter a person’s name in a project chart, SmartDraw will add it to your virtual list of team members and offer it to you in a drop-down menu every time you build a new project chart.

Creating Custom Task Libraries

Do you or your team perform some tasks repeatedly? For example, when we launch new features and upgrades of SmartDraw, there are certain tasks such as updating the website that we need to do every time. You can save time by creating your own custom libraries of common tasks to reuse again and again.

Your library will not only save the hierarchy of the tasks you add, but also the person assigned to each task and the duration of the tasks added. Then, when you want to add that group to a new project, you can simply drag-and-drop it into your chart instead of typing in the same sequence repeatedly.

Managing a Project is as Easy as Creating It

With SmartDraw, your project chart is a ‘living document.’ Once work on the project begins, you can monitor the completion of each task and adjust the schedule accordingly. Updating and sharing your chart with the entire team keeps everyone on track and accountable-both to you and to the other team members.

For more information on how SmartDraw can help you better manage your projects, be sure to click the buttons below to access a video and a free white paper.

You Have a Partner in Visual Communication

Let SmartDraw help your company tap into the power of visual communication. Want to learn more about using SmartDraw to save time managing your project? We can help.



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