Every Business needs to factor in Ethical Considerations when Blogging

Every Business needs to factor in Ethical Considerations when Blogging
July 25, 2015 No Comments Blogging tips,Get Real nichemom

Why does it seem like the ones making money online have no Ethical Considerations when Blogging?

Holding to your ethics is the best idea in your business, even though there are a lot of morally unethical blogs out there.  Doesn’t it seems like those ones are making the biggest amount of money?

It is not a good business practice to seek out a field that you may have some ethical concerns with. The best advice for the type of business or blog, online business, for you is something that you’re passionate about. Something that you would be more than willing to talk to your grandmother about and something that you would be proud to tell your children about what no matter what age they are.


The problem with unethical businesses, is not that they are extremely profitable but they are short-lived, can be illegal, and may have long-term consequences besides your own guilt for what where the money came from. I’m not only talking about adult or gambling industries, also talking about a lot of the get rich Quick type of businesses.  In these businesses most the money that is made are from those selling a lot of talk, with very little results.

Most of the online industry, will have you believe you can start making thousands of dollars in the next week or two.   Most of these sites don’t have ethical considerations when blogging about their product or service.  They just want your money.

From my experience it may take a year or 2 to make your first thousand, or more.  You should be making a few dollars the first year or else you need to rethink your strategy. But do not expect make a large sums of money with ethical business practices.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible to lot of money quickly online if you’re willing to do a lot of work. But in most cases you cannot.  Most people do a lot of work on marketing and sales behind the scenes.  The structure and basic set up will take quite bit more time than a few weeks.

Work + ideas + time = success

The only thing that can be accomplished in a few weeks is well-established marketing and sales pitch plan that is push the masses and someone else who did do all the work is the one making most of the money.  Work + ideas + time = success, if you don’t want to put in the work, the time, or have unique ideas, there is little or no chance of success. The best business practices are to be in Evergreen industries, these are all over and all around us and I’m million times more opportunities them in the highly sought after unethical ones. If you put your moral values, ethics above your profit margins, you’ll be blessed with far more profits and without those things coming first.

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