How to Edit a Blog Post in 15 minutes or less

How to Edit a Blog Post in 15 minutes or less
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Quickly edit an articleSimple 3 Step System for How to Edit a Blog Post in 15 minutes!

To be successful at blogging or creating a website you need good content.  Be forwarded, this article is not written for the professional writer or a company with multiple editors.

Who can write and edit an article in 15 minutes?

  • This is best for a beginner or novice blogger or website creator.
  • Your article or blog size is less than 500 words.  Plan on adding 3 minutes per 100 words.
  • If you are not prefect yet, but working to be better everyday.  You can do this!

If you are writing your post/articles to truly help the reader, you come across more authentic, even if it is not the most well written.  A real person does not have an editor or staff to review and improve every post.  I’m not a great writer.  In fact, you will probably find a few grammatical errors in this page.  Especially, if you are one of “those people” that look to always find errors in other people’s work.  If you just got offended with that last sentence, you are that person.

There are great writers out there, but they are either too expensive or are already are writing for another site or company.  If you are like most people trying to blog or create a website you are only working with you.  Also you are creating it either to make money or for fun, and do not have a budget for a writer. Therefore you are stuck with your own skill set.  I believe this is an asset in the online world.    If you have not read my “How to write a blog post in 15 minutes or less“, please do.  Between this post and that, you should be able to get a completed article done every 30 minutes.  I like to do 3-5 in one day, and schedule them to post on different days, and then set-up my social media updates to run in sequence.  This way, I’m posting every other day, but only “working” one day.

Step 1.  Check your Grammar and layout in 5 minutes.5 minutes to improve your blog

If you are using Word Press, there are a lot of built in grammar and spelling features, but the best way is just read through it and move sentences and words around until it sounds write to you.  This is the first step in how to edit a blog post in 15 minutes or less.  It is very important to get good at only spending about 1 minute per 100 words in correcting spelling and changing fonts.  Don’t worry if you are not that fast yet.  With practice, about 10 post, you will be amazed how fast you can improve your speed.  It would be great if you have a friend or partner that can look it over after you’ve done this step, but most bloggers are not that far in there journey.  Read and re-read, until you feel pretty good about the wording.

Once you are sure that it everything is spelled correctly and sounds right.  You are now ready to move on to formatting the headers and add in bullet points if necessary.  Formatting can make the difference between a post that looks thrown together, and one that looks really good.

Step 2. Spend only 5 minutes to add in Good Picture

Improve your Blog with PicturesThis is a step you can not skip!  A picture is truly worth a thousand words in the online.  I found this out late in my first website.  I could not finger out how to get traffic.  I was adding page after page of, what I thought was good content.  It took a year to get 1000 real visitors.  I use the word “real traffic”, as most of the initial traffic you get when you start a site is all spam.  I almost abandon the site, when I saw that one page was getting 95% of my traffic.  When I did the research to see why.  I found that a few people had “pinned” one of my photos to pintrest.  I didn’t even know how to “pin”, at that time.  That 1 pin, has been re-pinned over 3,000 times, and refers over 5,000 people/month to that one page.  My online world has never been the same since.

This blog title was completed in a few minutes on  I find that sometimes simple things do not need to take a long time to do right.  The first time you use this you might need a few more than 5 minutes.  With practice you will be able to create really cool images to add to your post.  In addition to a created temple type images, most phones take good enough pictures for any website.  I like to use the app “PicShop Lite”, to edit it.  It is very important to title your pictures to be found easily by the search engines.  The other thing, and this will take some practice, don’t load your page with large photos.  It’s ok to have one large image, but you will make the page load too slow for your visitors.  People are naturally impatient and will not bother to read what you wrote if they have to wait on it.

Step 3.  Double check your SEO in 5 minutes.Improve your blog SEO

If you are a beginner this part may seem overwhelming and you will get better over time.  The search engines are getting better and better at finding out want people like and what they don’t.  You need to make sure that you pick a good string of key words that explain what your article is about, and that people want information on.  The key wards for this post is “How to Edit a Blog Post in 15 minutes”.

Conclusion, Practice will help you edit your blog in 15 minutes or less.

The best tip in how to edit a blog post in 15 minutes is practice, practice, practice.  The first time you try these 3 steps you will most likely take an hour or 2.  I hope this will just inspire you to keep trying.  It is important to write regularly online and your time is valuable.  You do not want to waste it spending all day on one article.  Most people start a blog for a second income, and don’t have a lot of time to get it done.  If you do this over and over, I grantee you will get quicker and quicker, and your writing will get better and better.

Good luck!!  Please share this if you have a friend that it could help.

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