How to write a blog post in 15 minutes or less!!

How to write a blog post in 15 minutes or less!!
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Write a blog post in 15 minutes or less to get in a post for the day.

It doesn’t take that long to get 100-300 words in a blog post if you do these 3 simple steps.  As an example, I did this post after my kids were given breakfast, and before they got off to school.  That’s right!  I was also interrupted 5 times for pop-ups, getting socks that my son could not find, and 3x’s for “what are you doing?”.  Amazingly, I still got this done in 15 minutes.


It helps if you can type fast.Hands on Keyboard

I’m not a fast typist, but I’m not terrible either.  I’m haven’t timed myself since grade school.  The fact is, you think quicker than you can type, no matter how fast you can type.  You have to get your thoughts out of your head if you are ever going to write a blog post in 15 minutes.  I used to write out an outline on paper, with key points and the what, when, how, and why of a post.  Now, I do that within the post.  I found that by the time I got around to writing, I changed my mind on half of the headers anyway.

Step 1. Brainstorm you post while your kids eat breakfast.

I did this while I threw a load in the laundry, finished the dishes and yes, got my kids cereal and juice for breakfast.  All the while I was thinking how am I ever going to get around to my website stuff.  I struggle every day, like most moms, doing 20 things at once, but it seems like I never get anything done.  My goal is to get out a post a day, but like a lot of goals. they never happen.  But ever since I started my 15 minute post concept, I don’t have any excuses.

Step 2. Set a time limit.Timer

My time for this post was from 7:30-7:45.  I start with the title, then list out my many points (Headings), and then I go back and write a 2-4 sentences per heading.  It is now 7:43  so I’m under the gun to finish  A time limit helps, so that I can still help my kids tie their shoes for the bus and get in my morning goals, without guilt that I’m taking time away from my kids.

Mom tip, they will be fine for 15 minutes!!

Step 3. Don’t edit while writing.

This last tip, “do not edit while writing”, is the hardest for me.  But if you are ever going to be successful and write a blog post in 15 minutes you will not be able to skip this step.  The best tip I have to success at this,  is to look at your keyboard, not your screen.  You can do that when your done.

That’s it 15 minutes is up.  I will edit this a bit later and add in a few pictures, but now it’s time to get shoes and backpacks on, then off to get my 3 kids on the bus by 8am!!

See my post on How to edit your post in 15 minutes or less.

Have you tried this yet?

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