Mom Entrepreneur – Tips on Balancing Family and Business

Mom Entrepreneur – Tips on Balancing Family and Business
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Mom Entrepreneur – Top Tips on Balancing Family and Business

Moms are busy individuals.  Raising a family causes you to busy, however once you add the extra responsibilities of running a business, you have to be an expert multitasker attempting your hardest on a daily basis to not “drop the ball”. Today’s mom Entrepreneur is busy juggling their family and business, some days it should be tough to breathe. The smart moms know that it’s good to follow some smart recommendation of moms who have already raised their families.  There is value in their advise on how to set your priorities.

A special many thanks goes to the following Moms from NAFE’s For You Network for taking the time to share their thoughts and stories.

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Reminder #1: Kids Develop Quickly…

Meli Van Natta’s son was 7 years old and her girl was 4 when she started in the real estate business. Meli of prudential Calif. real estate says, “I learned that kids develop quickly and you’ll be able to never recapture the time that you simply miss.” If she had it to try and do all over again, she would have organized her schedule to spend longer with them even though it may have negatively affected her business.   Currently, now that she is older (and wiser), Meli realizes that she wished she would have delegated some tasks, perhaps taken on a partner, and she didn’t need to attend all the social events that it seemed as if she “needed” to go to at the time. But, she was young, having fun, and feeling powerful and in with all the cash she was making.

Meli’s children didn’t appear to feel that she neglected them. After all, they’d time to travel to amusement parks, the Zoo, and other places throughout the week, all while the other mothers were at work. So, they didn’t mind the sometimes excessive amount of if she worked weekends due to her schedule. They usually helped her by stuffing envelopes, going along with her to knock on doors, and sitting along with her at open homes at times when she couldn’t get a sitter.

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Both of Meli’s kids are currently happily married, well-balanced adults with children of their own. Her girl has chosen to be a stay-at-home mother and is expecting her third kid. Her son is the businessperson in the family, following her example of being an Entrepuener.  After a quick trail on the real estate business himself, he’s currently the proud owner of 2 flourishing businesses.

Top Tips from this Mom Entrepreneur

  • -Learn when to shut off the phone.
  • -Learn the distinction between necessary and imperative.
  • -Take those vacations and create your days off around your family.
  • -It’s going to take you slightly longer to succeed in your business goals.
  • -You’ll be happier if you keep your family happy!

Reminder #2: mom entrepreneurs will cash in on their flexible to share wonderful times with their children…

Robbie Motter of Contacts Unlimited was one parent who raised her 3 kids (who are currently grown). Robbie loves being an entrepreneur. Robbie says, “If I had known-better then, what I do know now, I’d have left the corp. world earlier and I could have had more quality time with my older kids like I had with my youngest.” Robbie took time off from work on a daily basis when her girl came home from college for an hour and a half in order that they could spend time together before returning to scheduled tasks and while she completed her school-work.

Robbie remembers that it was challenging when she 1st became an entrepreneur. It took a while for things to begin to get off the ground and move forward and times were really hard. Her 2 older kids weren’t too supportive initially, as they were use to the a steady corporate check.  Over and over they told her to go get a normal job, however she was firm to make it work.  Quickly it did, and they actually preferred having her work from her home office. They shared lots of great times together.

Robbie accustomed have her kids work in the business. They stuffed envelopes or jobs like that, and that they preferred it. As they got older, Robbie allow them to answer the phone in order that they might learn the correct way to do it.

Robbie’s son is an entrepreneur.  He and a partner have closely-held a corporation for eighteen years.  Her 2 girls aren’t entrepreneurs, they like having a steady check, the perks, and all the advantages that a company job provides.  These days all of her kids are thriving, own lovely homes, and make an amazing wage.  They do not take their work home with them; they leave it at the workplace and come home to be completely with the family.

Top Tips from this Mom Entrepreneur

-When you run your business, and if you work from home, make your kids feel a part of it.
-When it’s family time, stop worrying about the business and give your kids quality time.

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