What is a Niche?

What is a Niche?
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What is a Niche?

By most dictionary sources, a niche is a specific part of a market.  Most markets involve sellable services or products.  Examples of a niche markets are all over the place and range from very broad, like the diet industry.  To very small like a single product that is sold in the diet industry.  A niche market can be anything in between.  In any given industry there are several levels of ideas and products that can be sold, discussed, reviewed, serviced, or improved.

 The best thing about being a mom and exploring the idea of getting into a niche, is that your life experience is your greatest asset.  Secondly, your life experience is free, maybe not all of it, but for the most part, you experience things everyday.  Every product you buy at the store, every struggle you have with your kids.  I’ve always joked that since becoming a mom, it doesn’t matter if I have anything other than that in common with another person.  Mom’s all have a bond, that comes with giving birth and/or just the changes that kids bring into your life.

What is a Niche Mom?DSC01675Purple flowers

Ok, so if a niche is a specific part of the market, a Niche mom is someone who focuses on a specific part of a market.  Everyone has some expertise in something.  Whether it’s exercise, cooking, cleaning, or maybe decorating.  You have special skill that you can use to benefit others.  If you want you can also, easily earn it into a second income without “working” by the standard version.  Being a mom provides a specific set of skills, and experiences that only ~40% of the population has or will need.  This is a niche.

The simplest way to make a 2nd income, while being the best mom you can be.

The possibilities are endless.  Truly there are so many topics that are really needed by women and moms that you can pick which one appeals to you the most.

I will list just a few, and plan on creating a post to explain each one more, so bookmark this page and check back.  Or you can contact me, and request more information on a topic of your choice.

  • Pregnancy  By month, by trimester, birth, packing list
  • First years, toys, baby food, clothes, games, education, play dates
  • Postpartum, depression, worry, boredom, love, marriage, single parenting

How to be a full time mom with a full time job.

The great thing about todays world is that you have more choices of what is considered a “job”.  Today, you don’t have to punch a time clock, and if you have the right skill set you can work from home.  What I’m talking about here is not just working from home, it’s creating your own niche business.  Don’t let the word business scare you, if you are already overwhelmed with kids and life.  I’m not talking about all the busy work (loads of paper work) takes to start a cupcake shop, if cupcakes are your passion.  I’m taking about a virtual mom business, that you can do when and where you want.  It takes very little time (see my blog in 15 minutes post), and even less money to start a blog, make a quick video, or record a poem to share with the world.  The world has people searching for what you have, you just need to share it.  I created this site to help you get started.

I’ll give you it in 3 steps.

What – Find your passion (hint, mine is helping people)

Where – Where do I start? (hint, it mostly has to do with your passion, many free options)

How – 20 Day Plan from idea to your business dream.


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